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A logo (logo) is a graphic element that identifies a public or private entity. It is a visual composition that allows people to identify and associate it with the company, brand, or product to distinguish them from the rest. It is the equivalent of a signature.

logo (logo) is a graphic element that identifies a public or private entity. It is a visual composition that allows people to identify and associate it with the company, brand, or product to distinguish them from the rest. It is the equivalent of a signature.


Characteristics and realization of a logo

We can find logos made in various ways; with typography, with images, or with a combination of both. If there is text, it will be very synthetic and iconic, with the name or initials of the company, product, or campaign. If there are graphic elements, they will be shapes, colors, or fonts to give personality to the design.

What should a logo look like to be successful and functional? 

  • Legible: A logo, apart from being personalized, has to be clear and very easy to read.
  • Reproducible:  The logo must be able to be printed on any type of support to adapt it to all our stationery (envelopes, cards, stamps, letters, folders, posters ...)
  • Scalable: It must be understood and legible in all sizes, especially in small ones.
  • Distinguishable: Clear, simple, and descriptive, easy to interpret so as not to give rise to ambiguities with the activities carried out by the company.
  • Memorable: If it creates a strong impact on the consumer, it will be easy to remember. Simplify as much as possible and work with colors.
  • Balanced: Even if you have a logo made up of different elements, when looking at it you should see only one. Proportions are critical to creating a solid image.
  • Color: The color transmitted both to choose the right one for your logo is very important. You must also create the corporate manual with the possible versions of the logo according to its support.
  • Original: The more original your logo is, the more it will stand out from the others and the more memorable it will be for consumers.
  • Current: As much as we like new Logo trends, we must try to create a logo that does not become obsolete with time. If possible, it is timeless.
  • Truthful: A logo must convey what the company or service is or at least its positive parts, but it must never, ever deceive by transmitting an image and concepts that are not real.

3. Types of logo

According to various characteristics that logos have, we can classify them as follows:

  • Name-only logos: Often used with short, memorable, and customizable names. Often made up of initials of several words.
  • Name and symbol logos: Use a simple visual form; round, square, oval, triangle ... accompanied by the name using a font with more personality.
  • Initials logos: It can be a very difficult or even impossible job to give the initials of a name personality. They can be poorly understood by the consumer, their meaning can be confused, and many initials vary from country to country. So you have to think about whether we want only the initials in our logo.


  • Associative logos: Normally they are logos that do not include the name but that play with a simple and direct visual form, easy to remember, so that the consumer associates the image with the product, activity ...


  • Logos in pictorial version: These are logos where the name is very important but has such a distinctive personality that if we change it we will continue to know what product, company, or service its original belongs to.


  • Allusive logos: Referencing people or things without naming them can be useful but it must be taken into account that not everyone interprets it the same way and for some people, it may be incomprehensible.


  • Abstract logos: They are usually used by large, well-established, and well-known companies (eg Rockwell). These are various shapes or optical illusions. As they do not have a core of meaning, they are inadvisable for small companies trying to gain a foothold in the market.


 Logos to inspire you

  • If you are willing to make a logo but lack inspiration, take a look at these articles where you will find various logos of different styles and shapes. They are also very beautiful and original.

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