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Lady Gaga has had a busy year, not least due to the production of Ridley Scott's crime drama House of Gucci, in which she co-stars with Adam Driver. Filming in Italy over the past few months, paparazzi caught an unending carousel of fabulously outre '90s looks while Gaga inhabited the role of the fashion house's black widow, Patrizia Reggiani.

I wanted to have fun, says Felloni of his most recent collection for fall. I paid no attention to the brand; my only criteria was that the winning mark on my body I ended up with streaks on both hands that then moved up my wrists contained no trace of a bluish-purply undertone.

Iconic pieces include the cloudy-print boots he famously sported in the Raspberry Beret music video. At this point in the pandemic we are starting to see glimmers of hope, albeit glimmers during a very rough and rocky start to the new year-we are so close to the presidential inauguration on January 20 and the vaccine is a tangible touchstone on the horizon.

Not only would Prince perform at her fashion shows, she would also use his Golden Goose Sneakers music in those shows. He would even send her unreleased music. I would watch her do her makeup, and like all little girls, I loved dressing up in her clothes. The 33-year-old designer's vibrant footwear has become ubiquitous in celebrity circles, where stars like Kim Kardashian West, Bella Hadid, and Irina Shayk seek out her square-toe sandals, vampy boots, and newly launched mini bags.

The polarizing shoe first had a moment back then, and then enjoyed a major comeback during the summer of 2019. Everyone from Kim Kardashian West to Katie Holmes wore them that season. When the world seemingly ground to a halt last year, many of us set out on foot, taking hikes, aimless jaunts, and short walks around the block-anything to get a bit of fresh air. While the majority of us slipped into sweatsuits and sneakers on these walks, model Irina Shayk dressed up, debuting a series of head-turning ensembles while running around town, often paired with a solid boot made for walking.