all you need to know about USDT (Tether) trading in India?

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Fiat currencies back tether like USD, EUR, and INR. The primary purpose of Tether is to provide liquidity and a hedge against market volatility. This makes the stable coin, Tether, less risky than typical cryptocurrencies. This is probably why a lot of traders or investors prefer to buy Te

When it comes to buying USDT (Tether) in India, you usually have two options to choose from.

              Cryptocurrency exchanges with in the geological boundaries of the count

Usually, it is advised to trade through the domestic exchanges since they abide by the home country laws and regulations made for the cryptocurrency. Moreover, we can check on the local exchange’s security by talking to local investors about it. 

There are many cryptocurrency exchange platform in India. However, one should wisely check the previous records, grievance, clients’ experience, prices, and most importantly, hacking status. You can easily find many cryptocurrency exchanges that offer you the INR market for buying and selling of USDT and other cryptocurrencies like PCEX Member.

However, not all cryptocurrency exchanges enable you to buy USDT at the same price using your preferred options. On some exchanges, you have to pay add-on fees like trading fees, marker fees, and taker fees. For example, WazirX charges 0.2% as maker and taker fees, and CoinDCX charges 0.1% as maker and taker fees on spot trading. These extra fees are absent on the PCEX Member platform. 

PCEX Member ensures high-liquidity resulting in profitable trades for all their clients. Moreover, the exchange employs a five-layer security model which leaves out just 1 in a billion chances of your account being compromised. 

The user-friendly interface provides a super fast and convenient platform to exchange your digital assets. You have to register yourself on this platform to buy USDT.