In the same way that the Horde gains access to the Paladin class through blood elves, the Alliance gains access to the R

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If you're looking for a class that will allow you to easily farm world of warcraft classic gold, the mage is a good selection

If you're looking for a class that will allow you to easily farm world of warcraft classic gold, the mage is a good selection.  AoE spells are one of the reasons why this class is considered "broken" (in a good way).  Due to their ability to kill mobs in a matter of seconds, mages are excellent choices to use against swarms of enemies in the wild.  Aside from being a fantastic class for earning gold, they are also extremely simple to level up! Only one or two dungeons are required, and you'll be finished in a matter of minutes, with plenty of loot in your possession.  Choosing this spellcaster as your primary class to farm gold will save you time and money.  

Priests wield the powers of light and shadow to either heal their allies or incinerate their enemies, depending on their situation. . Priests were considered to be the kings of healing in Classic, and this does not change in The Burning Crusade either.  With a vast array of healing and support abilities, priests are the most versatile healers in the game, able to be effective single-target healers as well as raid healers.  Priests are the most versatile healers in the game.  They are also top-tier healers in Arena, where they can be found in combinations such as Discipline Priest Rogue in 2-versus-2 matches, or the aforementioned RMP (rogue, mage, priest) in 3-versus-3 matchups, among others.

In comparison to the other priest specializations, Shadow Priests experience the greatest power boost.  Not only are they viable in TBC, but they are also highly sought after due to their new Vampiric Touch talent, which allows them to keep the mana of their entire party alive longer than before.

Due to the new Draenei race, the Alliance can now play Shamans, which is a godsend considering that Shamans have become arguably the most highly sought after class in PvE content since the beginning of Warcraft III: The Burning Crusade.  Due to their extensive collection of supportive totems and high healing output, they are an absolute necessity in any raid.  Furthermore, with Bloodlust (Horde) and Heroism (Alliance), they receive the most powerful party-wide cooldown in the game, which significantly increases the casting and attack speeds of their entire party.

Among the most important gathering professions in World of Warcraft, mining is one of the most important because it involves extracting ore from mineral nodes located throughout the zones and providing reagents for other professions such as Blacksmithing, Engineering, and Jewelcrafting.  See why it is so valuable in this situation? Using the miner's fundamental ability "Find Minerals," which displays node spawns on the minimap, you can locate these nodes.

Due to the reagents it provides to multiple professions, mining is extremely popular and can certainly be a big gold maker in TBC.  Mining can be profitable in WOW TBC gold by either selling stacks of ore or smelting bars and selling those, or by both.  It's critical to understand which of these is more valuable in TBC because Jewelcrafting's prospecting destroys ore in order to find gems.  Take a look at your service prices to determine whether you should smelt the ore before selling it or simply sell the raw ore instead.

No matter what you intend to use mining for, it is a great profession for any class, so once you reach Outland, the competition for veins will become much tougher, there will be fewer zones, and the use of flying mounts will reduce the amount of time it takes to complete your farming routes and arrive at the nodes.  Fel iron can be discovered by conducting circuits through any zone, but the Hellfire peninsula and Terokkar forest are the two most recommended locations to look.  As a power leveling destination, Hellfire is advantageous due to the high number of node spawns available.  Terokkar is particularly advantageous for power leveling because it allows you to move quickly to Nagrand and begin collecting adamantite.