How to quickly upgrade in the new world.

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You can create your character in the new world and use it to complete tasks or defeat monsters. You must collect this information to move from level 1 to the highest level 60.

Your weapon determines what skills you have, and your equipment will provide you with appropriate statistics. You can also assign attribute points every time you level up. At level 20, you can reset your distribution points for free. Therefore, it makes sense to test all weapons and various skills as early as possible.

When upgrading, it is recommended to use long-range weapons to attack opponents to gain an initial advantage. Many opponents will attack you in melee, so melee weapons are very helpful. Many players will swear by the life stick, which not only restores life but also helps sports.

Players who are more patient will choose to upgrade slowly and will not worry about time. Impatient players will choose to upgrade quickly. Fortunately. There are many ways to upgrade quickly in the game. Go to to help you. Finally, at a high level, you can already experience almost everything in the new world.