Nicotine Lozenges And How They Work

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Get the complete information about Nicotine lozenges and how they work

Nowadays, there are many different ways to stop smoking, including nicotine lozenges, another addition to the rapidly growing nicotine replacement therapy market. These lozenges are readily available in most pharmacies and do not require a prescription from a doctor.



Most of the lozenges being sold come in the form of a small candy containing nicotine. As the patient sucks on the lozenge, nicotine is slowly released and quickly absorbed by the mouth's lining. 


Due to not everyone being addicted to the same amount of nicotine, two strengths are available, 2 mg and 4 mg. A 2 mg lozenge is equivalent to about one cigarette, whereas the 4 mg is double that. Heavy smokers are advised to take the 4 mg kind, to begin with, as their body is used to much higher doses of nicotine.


These lozenges are not to be eaten like candy and have quite specific instructions. Usually, the lozenge needs to be placed in the mouth and sucked gently until you can taste a peppery flavor; this is the nicotine. 


When this happens, put it between your gums and cheek until the paste wears away. When you can no longer taste the nicotine, suck it again and repeat the process. This is then done again and again until there is no nicotine left. Usually, a lozenge can last up to half an hour.


This particular nicotine replacement method is particularly effective due to the nicotine's speed in the bloodstream. This significantly decreases the chance of withdrawal symptoms and, in turn, the chance of smoking.