Top Destinations in The World for Cannabis Enthusiasts

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If your next vacation requires a roach, please consider one of these Cannabis-friendly destinations as your next vacation retreat.

Traveling does not have to cause havoc for your favorite hobby. Not Long ago, Canada made into the headlines as it legalized the recreational use of marijuana. But actually it is not the only country who did so, neither it is the only cannabis-friendly destination in the world. From marijuana festivals to intense 420 events, the world of legal consumption is rapidly changing. If your next vacation requires a roach, please consider one of these Cannabis-friendly destinations as your next vacation retreat.


Destinations which offer you this magical plant openly

Find your muse in Uruguay

The tiny country Uruguay interspersed between Argentina and Brazil in the year 2013, became the first country in the world to fully legalize recreational marijuana, thus making history. Here, locals can smoke marijuana anywhere-but, according to the law, it is illegal for tourists to buy marijuana. However, you don’t have to panic, because you can always make friends with friendly Uruguayans or sign up for cannabis tours. If you are tired of the frenetic lifestyle and busy tourist destinations, the leisurely pace of Uruguay and one of the most charming beaches in South America are ideal for you.

Satisfy yourself in San Francisco

For those who support the cannabis movement, few places are as important as San Francisco and nearby Oakland and Berkeley. Finding weeds in this city has never been an easy task, but recreational pharmacies are easier than ever. Come to learn about the history of hippie culture and stay to participate in the pot music activities. Take a Alaska Airlines Book a Flight to SF and stroll by the sea in Golden Gate Park and spend as much time as possible to taste the city’s world-class cuisine. You will never guess, but you are not allowed to smoke in public places in San Francisco. However, there are many lounges here.


Find your taste of Cannabis in The Netherlands

The Netherlands is mostly known for its amazing canal cruises and one of the most ancient coffee shops in the world. For those who do not know the jargon, "coffee shops" are special places. According to Dutch law, personal sales of cannabis are prohibited in these areas. However, if you get caught up in heated discussions about weeds, please remember that this is illegal and can only be allowed by local authorities. No matter how chaotic it sounds, if you don't plan to wander the city more than 5 grams in the weeds, there is no reason to worry.


The new trend Portugal

For people who have not even heard about it, Portugal is a new hot spot in Europe.The number of people who visit the famous tourist attractions in the country such as Sintra, Algarve  the Azores, or lovely Porto are record breaking. Likewise, Portugal is known for its aggressive drug policies. In 2001, Portugal made illegal the number of individuals with all drugs, including cannabis. Although this does not imply that weed is legal in the country, no one will punish you for carrying a small amount of marijuana for personal use. Make Delta Airlines Bookingto Portugal and explore your type of fun in the hot spot town.


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